Anti-Virus Software

In a world where computer viruses are an everyday occurrence, anti-virus software is an essential tool for the health of any desktop computer or laptop. It’s designed to detect and destroy computer viruses before they attack, and cause potentially irreparable and costly damage to not only your personal computer but any other device on your home or workplace network. Although it was initially developed to detect only viruses, nowadays, good anti-virus software will update regularly so it's able to detect the latest threats, and will regularly scan your computer to detect, search for and remove software viruses, as well as other potentially harmful software like adware, worms, and Trojans. As well as running overall diagnostic checks on your hardware, it will also scan specific programs, files, and directories for malware and known malicious patterns. Anti-Virus runs in the background on computers and is essential for protecting the day to day running of your business. Not only in computer-based industries where protecting the network and servers is paramount to operations, but in any workplace where data is stored on a computer.

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