Building Materials

Building materials are used in construction and are used not only to construct buildings but to carry out ongoing repair works. These can be naturally occurring materials such as stones and aggregates, or manufactured products like bricks and cement that are used to construct the architectural hardware of a building The variety of products available reflects the vast range of use and the differing needs of individual projects. From the fundamental basics of construction such as aggregates, foundation blocks, bricks, lintels, cement and aggregates to specialist plumbing and electrical supplies and the finishing touches of windows and doors. Building products are available for a variety of applications and projects, and various trades including building, carpentry, roofing, plumbing, glazing and insulation.

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  1. Bricks and Blocks
    - 2 Suppliers 19 Products

    Bricks and blocks are popular materials in all sectors of the construction industry not only because of their durability but also because of their versatility.They can be used for walls, paving and floors but also for specialised purposes such as in furnaces.

  2. Cement and Aggregates
    - 5 Suppliers 131 Products

    Cement and aggregates are key components in the construction industry.Cement is used in masonry while aggregates can be used as a stable foundation material.Their most common use is when they are combined together to form concrete which is a popular building material because of its strength,durability and versatility.

  3. Fire Retardants
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    A fire retardant is a substance which is used to reduce the flammability of fuels. They also work to delay fuel combustion. On top of this, fire retardants are chemicals that are added to plastics and fabrics to make them at less risk to fire.

  4. Lintels
    - 1 Supplier 5 Products

    Lintels are a common architectural feature whether they are for structural and/or aesthetic purposes.They can be made of timber,stone,steel or reinforced concrete. The choice of material would depend on the role and position of the lintel as well as aesthetic considerations.

  5. Paving
    - 0 Suppliers 13 Products

    Paving is commonly used in domestic and commercial settings to create a walkway or add stability to the ground. Common types include block paving, brick paving and there is also a modern type of paving known as segmental paver which allows for easy interconnecting.

  6. Plaster and Plasterboard
    - 1 Supplier 7 Products

    Plaster and plasterboard are indispensable materials in the construction industry or for those interested in home improvements. The type chosen would depend or whether it is needed for decorative, noise insulation or protective purposes.Other considerations are whether it will be used for interior or exterior walls.

  7. Timber
    - 8 Suppliers 84 Products

    Timber is a frequently used material in any construction or carpentry project, irrespective of its size. There is a wide selection of timber available so care should be taken to choose the right type and quality to ensure the best results at an economical price.

  8. Water and Damp Proofing
    - 7 Suppliers 104 Products

    Water and damp proofing are both preventative measures to ensure the maintenance of a building by limiting possible damage caused by liquid water seepage or soil moisture.Membranes or coatings of different compositions are applied according to local conditions.

  9. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 134 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.