Bricks and Blocks

Bricks and blocks, quite simply are a building material used in construction, they are the building blocks of foundations, walls, patios, pavements and other masonry projects. When selecting blocks for a project, factors such as size, weight, strength and colour need to be taken into consideration. Building bricks can be sourced in a variety of colours and sizes, for new builds or to match existing brickwork. Bricks are usually made from clay or concrete and the range available include clay facing, clay commons, engineering, concrete commons, concrete facing along with specialist bricks for specialist applications. Blocks available include dense Aggregate blocks, Lightweight Aggregate Blocks, Aerated foundation blocks and Aerated standard blocks. Building bricks and blocks are an essential tool to the construction industry, around 65% of bricks sold go into dwellings, and the remaining 35% go into institutions, industrial and commercial buildings.