Doors and Windows

Doors are used to block off or to prevent access to an entrance or enclosed space such as a room. Doors restrict heat loss or noise pollution and a locking mechanism provides additional security. Windows are openings in walls, doors or roofs, held by frames, which allow the passage of light through a transparent material while limiting air flow or sound when closed. Both doors and windows are usually made of similar materials. Wood, uPVC, aluminium, steel, fibreglass or composites are popular choices. There are an enormous range of doors and windows so property owners must consider factors such as the surrounding architectural design as well as the aesthetics. A choice of door would depend on whether it is for interior or exterior use. Common door types include a single- or double-leaf panel, a sliding door, a composite door or louvre door. Windows tend to be categorised as to whether they open vertically (double-hung sash), horizontally (awning) or if only one part of the window opens (single-hung sash). Doors and windows are an indispensable part of any building, whether it is domestic, commercial or industrial. They vary in their size, convenience, security as well as their appearance.

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  1. Brush Seals
    - 4 Suppliers 65 Products

    Brush seals are attachments which are a way to exclude the elements, unwanted light or sound as well as insects and dust. They have a number of commercial, industrial and residential applications and offer an easily-installed economical way of sealing off buildings.

  2. Door Seals
    - 3 Suppliers 87 Products

    Doors seals are attached to the surroundings of doors as an insulation device preventing noise or heat loss. They are available as a mounted holder and strip or in the form of self-adhesive strips for easy installation. They are commonly used in any residential or public building.

  3. Doors and fittings
    - 24 Suppliers 6,984 Products

    Door fittings are an indispensable part of any door since they ensure that it functions correctly as well as adding extra security.Although homeowners are also interested in a variety of fittings which are decorative and personalise a house, commercial or industrial property owners emphasise the functionality of fittings.

  4. Draught Excluders
    - 4 Suppliers 209 Products

    Domestically draught excluders are installed primarily around window and door frames as well as underneath doors as a way to block out cold air and reduce heat loss.Commercial and industrial buildings use them mainly to prevent the entrance of dust, insects or other undesirables.

  5. Rooflights and Skylights
    - 4 Suppliers 28 Products

    Rooflights and skylights are used in a wide range of domestic and commercial buildings for the purpose of daylighting. Mass production units have brought rooflights and skylights to many uses, often with energy conservation and design at the forefront.

  6. Window Seals
    - 2 Suppliers 38 Products

    Window seals are self-adhesive strips or plastic wedges which are installed around window frames as an energy conservation measure preventing heat loss through windows. They are ideal for owners of older homes whose window frames have been damaged by the elements.

  7. Windows and fittings
    - 16 Suppliers 531 Products

    Window and their fittings protect property from the elements and unwelcome intruders as well as ensuring adequate ventilation. They are available in a number of styles and materials which need to match the architectural design of the building. They are of especial interest for those embarking on the construction or refurbishment of a property.

  8. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 428 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.