Brush Seals

Brush seals, also known as strip brushes or channel back brushes, are sealing devices that are often mounted to another surface such as the bottom of doors to act as excluders. Evenly distributed filaments are attached to a u-shaped channel ( which is generally made of metal, vinyl or rubber) to form the brush seal. The size of the channel and the type of filaments determine its application. Their construction allows for irregularities between uneven surfaces whilst allowing the unhindered action of moving parts. Brush seals come in a variety of types whether rigid, formed or flexible and can be cut to any size. They can be used as a protection against environmental elements such as hot or cold air on both external and internal doors. In industrial storage facilities or laboratories they form a frictionless seal against vapours, sprays, dust and other contaminants. They are equally successful at blocking out light and sound. Specialised filaments, such as brass, can be used to reduce static whilst conveyor belts utilise them as guides. Brush seals are suitable for use in any residential, commercial, industrial property or laboratory. However, care should be taken to select the correct filament type, length and density to ensure optimum results.

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