Doors and fittings

Otherwise known as architectural hardware or door furniture, fittings, like doors, are available in a wide range. Fittings refer to the metal, plastic or ceramic items which are attached to the door to improve functionality and appearance as well as ensure security. They can be found on interior and exterior doors and cupboards and wardrobes too Functional fittings include the hinges which attach the door to its frame as well as the device to open and close the door. Such devices can be handles, knobs, crash bars while a flush pull handle is exclusively for sliding doors. Security door fittings include locks with a keyhole and sometimes an escutcheon and also a variety of latches, bolts, chains, deadbolts and latch bolts. Front doors might need other fittings such as a door knocker, peephole, letterbox, fingerplate, kickplate and house number. Public buildings are more likely to install a door which automatically closes the door or a door open which hydraulically slows the door closing. There is no doubt that door fittings are an integral part of any building. Homeowners tend to choose door fittings that are both functional and decorative and suit the architectural style of the building.Industrial and commercial property owners are more interested in the functionality of any door furniture.

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