Draught Excluders

Draught excluders are strips of foam rubber, plastic, metal or other materials placed at the bottom of doors or inserted around window or door frames to eliminate draughts of cold air, slow heat loss and reduce housing bills. Although mainly used on external doors, they can be used on interior doors between a heated and unheated room. Many sealant strips are self-adhesive and can be cut to requirements making them easy to install. The most common variety of draught excluders are fitted foam, brush or wiper strips around the edges of doors and/or brush or hinged flaps to cover the gaps underneath doors.However, they can be placed in other areas of heat loss. Chimney draught excluders can be fitted within the chimney and around the fireplace but only when it is disused. An escutcheon is a cover which drops a metal disc over the keyhole to exclude draughts while a letterbox would need a flap or brush draught excluder. Draught excluders are mainly used in domestic properties as a simple, fast and cheap way to conserve heat. Commercial and industrial buildings are more likely to use them as a way to prevent dust entering, reduce noise or to stop insect infestation.

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