Window Seals

Window seals are used around window frames to prevent heat loss and reduce heating bills. They are particularly useful in older properties where frames and their fittings may have deteriorated because of exposure to the elements. They are easy to install and should fit snuggly to ensure an airtight seal. They are available as strips of tape which are self-adhesive to painted or varnished wood and can be cut to the required measurements. Window seals come in a number of varieties and the choice of seal would depend on what the window frames are made of. Cellular rubber is recommended for aluminium frames while Polymer is suitable for both wooden and aluminium frames. Other window seals can be made of polyester foam or silicon. Wedge seals are designed to be inserted between the glass and frame to make windows watertight.They are ideal for those who are looking for an economical way to repair rain-damaged windows without replacing the entire frame. Window seals are predominantly used in residential properties as a simple, fast and cheap way to conserve heat. They are also ideal for any owner who wishes to do home improvement on an older property with ill-fitting windows. The additional advantage from a householder's point of view is that they can also exclude unwanted dust, pollen and insects.

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