Electrical Power & Distribution

Electrical power and distribution refers to the final stage in delivering electricity when transformers are used to lower the voltage before it is carried to the consumers' premises via a meter. After leaving the meter, the power is transmitted to all wiring, devices and panels of the property owner. In urban areas, the circuit is usually less than fifty feet so power is carried through underground ducts whilst in rural areas, over much longer distances, it is carried above ground on poles. There are major differences between the distribution of electricity to households and to larger commercial or industrial premises. In a home the panel consists of the main service breaker and a series of circuit breakers which will control the flow and in this way power an appliance such as an oven or specific room(s). Larger buildings have greater energy demands and need more robust electrical equipment. To ensure their uninterrupted supply, they might need their own step-down transformer. Because of the risk of shock or fire, electrical power and its distribution to consumers is strictly controlled by safety regulations. As a basic amenity, it is required by all buildings, whatever their size.

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  1. Consumer Units
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    Consumer units are found in all buildings since they guarantee an uninterrupted as well as safe distribution of the electric power through a system of circuit breakers. A variety of consumer units are available and the decision about which one to choose will depend on the size of the premises and its energy demands.

  2. Wiring Components
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    Wiring components are an essential part of the power distribution system and allow energy to be accessed via the use of devices such as switches and sockets.Their installation should follow all safety regulations and should reflect the electrical needs of the property owner in terms of location and quantity.

  3. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.