Consumer Units

Also known as a fusebox or a consumer control unit, a consumer unit is a piece of apparatus in the electricity supply at the point where it enters the property. It controls and distributes electrical energy by means of double-pole isolation on incoming circuits and the assembly of one or more fuses, circuit breakers and residual current-operated devices (or RCD) or signalling. Modern consumer units use IN-rail mount breakers. The most popular type of consumer unit in Great Britain used to be the "Wylex Standard" fitted with cartridge fuses and mini circuit breakers (MCB). Nowadays, in newer constructions there are High Integrity Boards where the circuits are separated by three natural bars. The Split Load Consumer Unit is an arrangement where some circuits are protected by RCD whilst others are not to prevent nuisance tripping. The Garage Consumer Unit has a small number of circuits and as its name suggests is ideal for a garage or shed with less demand for power. Consumer units are an indispensable part of the electrical power distribution system, irrespective of the size of the building or its power demands. These devices ensure the safety of all premises and which one to install depends on how much power is needed.

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