Wiring Components

Wiring components include the wires and cables needed to supply electric power to a building as well as all the associated fittings to access the power supply safely and without difficulty. Safety requirements vary according to each country but are designed to protect people from shock and/or fire. Within the wiring, individual wires are colour-coded to show whether they are live, neutral or earth. Copper is a common component because it offers multiple benefits such as conductivity and resistance to overloads. A variety of wires and cables are available, which are rated by circuit voltage and temperature/environmental conditions in which they can be used. For example, with moisture. The choice of wiring would depend if it is for a household, commercial property or heavy industry. Other wiring components include circuit breakers, switches, meters, light fittings, wall sockets and telephone, Data and RF sockets. The location of sockets would depend on where appliances are needed whilst light fittings are designed to fit the needs of the building. Without wiring components, no building would be able to distribute or take advantage of its power supply. Wiring specifications should meet the needs of the owner, whether the premises are industrial, residential or commercial.

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