Fire Equipment & Systems

Fire equipment and systems are any devices or apparatus which warns people of the outbreak of a fire or which is used to extinguish or contain a fire until the arrival of firefighters.They vary in types, sizes, duration of use and risk fact in deployment. The choice of which to install depends on the location and type of possible fire. Warning systems include fire detection and alarms which use visual or audio appliances to warn of smoke, fire or carbon monoxide and are activated by smoke or heat detectors or manually by handle. Fixed fire systems (hoses, valves, couplings, etc) can be installed to extinguish a fire. Similarly a fire sprinkler system (which releases water or water mist) can be located in ceilings and are also activated by detectors. Other equipment which is popular include fire extinguishers and fire blankets. There are a wide variety of extinguishers but they depend on the source of the fire. Safety regulations have made it compulsory for public buildings to install alarms and equipment and this is equally true of industrial premises. The domestic market has become increasingly popular for householders' peace of mind. For best results, a combination of warning systems and firefighting equipment is recommended.

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  1. Emergency Lighting
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  2. Fire Alarms
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    Fire alarms are installed to warn people in case of an emergency to evacuate the building. There are different types of fire alarms that are activated when smoke, heat or carbon monoxide is detected. Although they have been used in public buildings for years,they are becoming increasingly popular for domestic use.

  3. Fire Blankets
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    Fire blankets are a portable blanket-like flame-resistant sheet which are used to smother a fire in its early stages. They are easy to store and can be hung from a wall in places which are vulnerable to fire such as kitchens, laboratories and factories.

  4. Fire Extinguishers
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    There is a wide variety of fire extinguishers which use different gas expellants and are available in different sizes. The fuel of the fire determines which kind of extinguisher should be used to put out or contain it.They are located in any public building and are increasingly purchased for the home.

  5. Sprinkler Systems
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  6. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.