Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are blanket-like sheets which are used to extinguish a small fire in its initial stages by cutting off the fire's oxygen supply. They can also be wrapped around someone to smother the flames if they have caught fire. Fire blankets are compact, portable, easy to store and are packaged in quick-release containers to ensure a rapid response to an emergency. Fire blankets can be made of wool, specifically woven fibreglass or fibreglass treated with flame-resistant material and can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees centigrade. Fire blankets vary in size and generally smaller sizes are recommended for kitchens whereas the larger sizes tend to be used in laboratories or factories where the extent of the fire can be larger. Two pull-down tails allow the top lip of the blanket to fit over the user's hands to prevent them from being burnt. Fire blankets are available in pouches or boxes which allow them to be hung in places where there is a higher risk of fire such as kitchens. Whether they are for domestic use or for industrial, they should always be stored away from possible sources of fire. It is recommended that they are replaced after being used.

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