Generally hardware encompasses any fixture that offers protection, is decorative or ensures the smooth and convenient operation of the building. The term also includes any tools or implements for construction or repair purposes. Traditionally made of metal (including brass, steel, aluminium, stainless steel, iron and so on), some are now available in alternative materials such as glass or PVC. Tools and implements (such as spanners, wrenches and saws) are as varied as the tasks they are designed to perform. Other smaller components are categorised according to their usage. Doors and windows are supported by fixtures such as handles while doors may also need deadbolts, latches and so on. For bathroom and plumbing, hardware includes taps and showers as well as anything that ensures a continuous water supply such as pipes. Furniture and cabinet hardware refers to anything needed in its construction or repair such as hinges.For safety and security purposes, hardware means features such as detectors whilst curtain hardware includes rods, poles and rings. Hardware is a necessary part of any building to ensure it functions correctly. Not only is demand great in the construction industry but hardware is also of interest to any householder who wishes to carry out home improvements or repairs.

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  1. Anchors
    - 4 Suppliers 357 Products

    Anchors are used in a wide range of applications, both commercial and domestic, when heavy loads required to be suspended to a wall, ceiling or door. They are various types of anchors, which ensure anchors work on any surface.

  2. Brackets
    - 21 Suppliers 2,207 Products

    A bracket is an architectural term as well as a hardware component. The former is of more concern to professional builders and masons while the common L-shaped metal bracket is very frequently used in home improvement projects when installing something like shelves or mounting electrical appliances.

  3. Fixings and Fasteners
    - 38 Suppliers 12,268 Products

    Fixing devices and fasteners are used in general construction, specialised trades as well as in home improvement as a way to attach, join or connect two or more materials or objects. The choice of which to use depends on the materials and project in question.

  4. Hinges
    - 8 Suppliers 721 Products

  5. Nails
    - 5 Suppliers 513 Products

    A nail is a pin-shaped product that is most commonly used in woodworking and construction as a fastener, where is it secured with a hammer. They are identified by their flattened head and sharp point and available in a wide range of variations depending on their purpose.

  6. Nuts, Bolts and Washers
    - 23 Suppliers 4,742 Products

    Nuts, bolts and washers are fasteners with many applications that can be used in general or specialised construction work as well as in home improvements or maintenance. There are a variety of nuts, bolts and washers which must be chosen according to the nature and materials of the building project.

  7. Rivets
    - 9 Suppliers 1,063 Products

    Rivets are a type of mechanical fastener which works by having the tail buck to form a second head which expands to hold the rivet into place. Rivets are used in a wide array of construction applications, particular steelwork and are most-known for being used in bridge-making.

  8. Screws and Fixings
    - 9 Suppliers 16,983 Products

    Screws are a type of fastener which are used to materials together or to position objects. They are commonly used in wide range of building, production and construction including wood and metal working. Common types of screws include machine screws, hex cap screw, lug bolts, pan head screw, wood screws, sheet metal screws, flat head screw, oval head screw, truss head screw, head bolts and lag screw.

  9. Wall Plugs
    - 5 Suppliers 90 Products

    Wall plugs are used in any application that required the attachment of materials to surface which might not support weight with just a screw, nail or adhesive. Wall plugs are categorised by size, with 6mm, 7mm and 10mm being the most common.

  10. Wheels and Castors
    - 13 Suppliers 1,038 Products

    Wheels are mainly used in the transport industry and their design depends on the vehicle. Casters are much more versatile and can be found anywhere where it is important to ensure easy mobility of loads or bulky objects, whether this is furniture in the home or in heavy industry.

  11. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 1,499 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.