Brackets can be an architectural structure, made of wood, stone, plaster or metal, which projects from the wall to carry weight and/or strengthen the angle of a building. As a hardware component, a bracket is used to fix one part to another usually larger piece. The most common bracket is an L-shaped metal object, often with a third arm running diagonally between the horizontal and vertical arms to form a triangle in order to support greater weight. In architecture, brackets can be used to support a wall, balcony, window box, eaves or pergolas or to mount modern facade cladding on the outside of contemporary buildings or interior panels. The most common use of brackets is to attach shelves to a wall or to mount electric appliances in higher positions. Depending on their use, other types of brackets include angle, reinforcement, handrail, heavy duty and decorative.The rings that attach pipes to walls are also known as brackets although they do not resemble other kinds of brackets. Brackets are popular in general construction as well as in the specialised trades of engineering, plumbing, carpentry and masonry. Brackets are also easy to install for those keen on DIY or home improvements.

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