Boilers heat water or other fluids, for use in a variety of industrial processes or heating applications such as central heating, cooking, power generation or water heating. It’s heating elements are powered by the combustion of fuels, such as coal, oil, wood or more commonly, gas. When choosing a type of boiler, it’s important to consider the size of boiler needed, along with the energy efficiency rating, as the more efficient the boiler is the lower the cost to run it will be. In homes, conventional boilers use a storage tank to supply hot water. A combination boiler, in contrast, heats hot water directly from the mains and can offer a more energy efficient solution. Boilers that provide both heating and hot water are most commonly seen in residential units and apartments where each unit is responsible for its own gas supply. In larger buildings such as office blocks, hotels and industrial units it’s more common to use a boiler for heating only, and for hot water needs to be serviced using a separate hot water unit.

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