Water Tanks

Water tanks are containers for storing a liquid and are often gravity fed so no energy is used to empty it. Water tanks can be fixed, permanent fixtures or mobile tanks to be transported. They are made of plastics, fibreglass, concrete, stone or steel and should be well-maintained to ensure they last a long time and for reasons of hygiene. If used for drinking water, they should be attached to a filtration system. A ground water tank is made of lined carbon steel and can access water from a well or surface water. A large volume of water can be stored in times of peak demand. An elevated water tank (or water tower) is used to store water in agricultural or industrial areas. A rainwater tank (or water butt) is placed round a house to catch the run off of rain from gutters and the roof. The stored water is often used to water the garden to save on using water from the mains. Water tanks are often located near homes or in industrial or agricultural regions as a back up to the mains. They are particularly useful in places where the supply of water is irregular or places where there should be an emergency water store for fire protection.

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