Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings, often called commercial buildings, are buildings designed to specifically serve the needs of a particular industry. An industrial building is a building used to house workers and equipment within a space that allows for the necessary conditions for specific applications. Within industrial buildings several applications take place including manufacturing, cleaning, altering, repairing, adapting, processing, slaughtering livestock or generating power. The most common types of industrial buildings include factories, breweries, forges, power plants, mines, sawmills, ship yards, distilleries, drilling rigs, gristmills, refineries, manufacturing plants, and warehouses. Industrial buildings are rented and owned by a wide range of industries including agriculture, manufacturing, engineering, retail, food production, military, medical, packaging and processing.

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  1. Equine Buildings
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    Equine buildings, often referred to as equestrian buildings or equestrian facilities, is a space that has created (and continues to be maintained) for the total purpose of housing, training and competing equids (horses). They are widely used in the field of equestrian.

  2. Industrial Sheds and Workshops
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    An industrial shed is a type of industrial or commercial building that provide on-site additional space for storage or for various commercial operations. They offer am extension of the industrial working space, and can house people and equipment – including sawmills, factories, and refineries.

  3. Multi-use Buildings
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    A multi-use building is also referred to a multi-purpose building, and is used to describe a space with a surface of over 10, 000 square metres and which has 2 or more primary uses. These 2 primary uses have to be completely different terms of usage, common uses include office, retail, lodging and residences.

  4. Office Buildings
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    Office buildings are buildings or spaces where administrative work is undertaken. The main function of an office it to provide a place that accommodates staff and equipment to fulfil industry specific applications. They are used in a wide range of industries to provide a space for administrative functions.

  5. Portable Accommodation Units
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    Portable accommodation units are buildings which are designed to be moveable rather than located in a permanent space. They are created to be portable, transportable and demountable for industries that require temporary space solutions like schools, universities, offices and many other fields.

  6. Storage Buildings
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    Storage buildings are designed to keep belongings protected and safe in an environment away from the main building. They can be purchased or rented, depending on how permanent the storage solution is requirement is. Typical storage buildings include sheds, garages, storage lockers, modular buildings, portakabins, portacabins, bunkabins, terrapins, wood storage huts, gables, barns, ranch sheds, utility buildings, barns, and steel frames.

  7. Warehouse Buildings
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    Warehouse buildings are used by a wide range of industries including by importers and exporters, customers, transport business, and manufacturers to provide a commercial space for the storage of goods. Materials that are stored in warehouse buildings include spare parts, raw materials, packing materials, finishes goods or components.

  8. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.