Lighting & Light Fittings

Light and light fittings provide artificial lighting in the interior or exterior of all buildings and can use light bulbs or tubes, which are wired into the electric power grid. Light fittings may be installed into the structure of the building or be portable with a plug like lamps. Lighting may be classified according to the direction from which the light falls. Downlighting is directed down from the ceiling and is the most common. Uplighting is a way to minimise glare. Frontlighting, side lighting and backlighting are also possible though they may cause problems for people to understand perspective. The purpose of the lighting affects the choice of fittings. Task lighting is purely functional whilst accent lighting is decorative to highlight elements of interior design. Ambient or general lighting is a mixture of the two. Fittings can be installed in the ceiling, recessed light, alcoves, close to walls (soffit), in sconces or be a portable structure like a table lamp. Lighting and light fittings have both a functional and decorative role. They can be strip lighting to ensure good visibility in places like factories or they can spotlight merchandise in the retail industry. Homes tend to have combine both elements by having ceiling light fittings and more decorative lamps.

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  1. Bulbs and Tubes
    - 8 Suppliers 636 Products

    Light bulbs and tubes are essential components to ensure the correct illumination of both the interior and exterior of buildings. Both bulbs and tubes come in a range of sizes, capacities and made of different materials. Tubes can be used to enhance the diffusion of natural light in larger commercial buildings.

  2. Light Fittings
    - 6 Suppliers 910 Products

    There is a wide choice of light fittings to choose between. They could be fixed and installed directly into the power grid or portable devices which are plugged in. Lighting plays a functional and decorative role in creating atmosphere so the choice depends on the room or building.

  3. Site Lighting
    - 1 Supplier 73 Products

    Site lighting can be both functional and decorative. As a functional device, it can ensure safety by lighting paths and obstacles or enable people to do outdoor activities at night. It can also be used to advertise or to highlight structures in gardens in an attractive way.

  4. Solid State Lighting
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Solid-state lighting (SSL) is lighting that uses a variety of different diodes through which an electrical current is passed. This current then causes the material to glow and emit light. The superior life span and energy efficiency of SSL mean that they are used throughout the entertainment and electronics industry as well as in many devices within the home.

  5. Torches
    - 6 Suppliers 168 Products

    Torches are hand-held portable devices which are useful for people whose work or hobbies take them outside at night or emergency situations. A variety of torches are available, either battery or rechargeable. For specialised use there are torches for extreme environments or with a magnifying lens for close-up work.

  6. Work Lights and Lamps
    - 7 Suppliers 1,530 Products

    There are a wide variety of work lights or lamps which can be portable devices or plug-ins which can be attached or clamped to something else. In this way workmen can do their job hands-free whilst a powerful light can help those engaged in intricate work which requires a strong directed light.

  7. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.