Light Fittings

Light fittings can either be installed and directly wired into the electricity supply (with a switch) or have a plug like portable lamps. Light fittings are electrical devices used to create artificial light via an electric bulb. They have a fixture body and light socket so the bulb can be replaced. There is an enormous variety of light fittings. Free-standing or portable light fittings encompass all kinds of lamps from floor to table lamps. Fixed lighting also covers a broad range of types. Ceiling lighting could be suspended from the ceiling or concealed in a 'dome' (often with frosted glass) which is flush to the ceiling. Recessed light is used in retail properties and is hidden behind panels. Strip lighting is often used in industrial complexes. Rooms can be lit from the walls in sconces or lights can be fitted to cabinets for display purposes. Outdoor light fittings include lights along a path or lamps set on support poles. Light fittings are seen in every building. However, the lighting plays a different role. It can be used to highlight a display in retail whilst factory lighting needs to be bright to facilitate employees' work. In homes, a mixture of fixed and portable lights would normally be used.

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