Plant and Machinery

Plant and machinery encompasses a wide range but in general terms, it is any building, fixtures or equipment (including tools, machinery or instruments) which are used in the construction industry. Plants and machinery can be found in a number of sizes to suit the scale of the construction work. They can be loosely grouped into categories according to the job they do although there may be some overlap between them. Some plant machinery is used for carrying heavy loads such as overhead gantry cranes, hoists and forklifts. Dumpers and forward tipping dumpers transport and deliver building materials or remove waste. Excavators such as the Backhoe loader help with digging and trenching. Demolition work can also be done by Backhoe loaders or by machines like bulldozers. Compressing and compacting is done by road rollers and compactors. Other machinery like concrete mixers prepare the building materials. Plant and machinery can be found on all building sites depending on the stage of the construction work. Some can be used in other industries as well. Machinery like forklifts can be used in factories or storage facilities like warehouses whilst gantry cranes are also useful in the shipping industry.

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  1. Compactors
    - 1 Supplier 86 Products

    Compactors are fixed or portable pieces of machinery which can be used to break up soil ready for construction. They are also used to reduce the bulk of waste materials. Although mainly used in construction, they can also be found in other industries.

  2. Excavators
    - 3 Suppliers 53 Products

    Excavators are wheeled or tracked machines which can move around 360 degrees across a variety of terrain and come in a range of sizes. Different attachments can be used to make the excavator suitable for a wide range of task from digging to drilling shafts. The construction and agriculture industries have many uses for excavators.

  3. Mixers
    - 4 Suppliers 92 Products

    Concrete mixers can be found in a variety of models and sizes. Fixed machinery is used in industry while concrete transport lorries are used when large quantities are needed for construction purposes. Portable models are ideal for smaller projects or for home improvements.

  4. Rollers
    - 0 Suppliers 1 Product

    Rollers are used in the construction industry to prepare the site for roads or digging foundations. There are a large variety of rollers of different sizes and the choice of which to choose depends on the stage of the construction work as well as the composition of the soil.

  5. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.