Excavators are mainly used for digging or excavating. Hydraulic excavators use hydraulic fluid, cylinders and motors to function. Excavators are also known as diggers, mechanical shovels, rubber ducks or 360-degree excavators. Excavators consist of a boom, stick, bucket and cab all of which sit on top of the house which is a rotating platform which gives the excavator the full range of movement. This then rests on either tracks or wheels meaning an excavator can be used across a variety of terrain. Excavators are available in a range of sizes with the smaller ones being known as mini or compact excavators. The main boom which attaches to the house varies in its direction and range of movement. Traditionally a bucket would be used at the end of the stick to dig and move materials, however, there is now a wide range of attachments which can be used, making the excavator a very versatile piece of kit. Due to these attachments, excavators can now be used for a variety of tasks such as the digging of trenches, snow ploughing, demolition, driving piles and drilling shafts. Excavators are widely used across many industries such as construction and agriculture.

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