Plumbing Consumables

Plumbing Consumables are any components or products that ensure the integrity of the pipes and the fittings. They can also be used to make fixtures and piping watertight by sealing them. Some products used in the construction industry are not suitable for plumbing since they need to be waterproof. Some consumables can be used to make quicker and cheaper repairs without the inconvenience of replacing the whole pipe section. Some plumbing consumables are used to repair small leaks in otherwise undamaged pipes or are used as a temporary stop gap solution. The category also includes any treatment or chemicals which can deal with problems of blockages, especially in the drainage system. Some products are used to help disconnect old pipes and their fittings. Items, such as washers, which can make fixtures like taps watertight also come into this category. Finally, products to deal with frozen pipes are considered consumables. The most commonly used are sealants, silicon, lubricants, fluxes, pastes, aerosols, solder wire and plumbing tape. Although such consumables are primarily of interest to plumbers, those interested in home maintenance also purchase such products. Their main advantage is that many can be used for minor repairs without any specialised knowledge.

  • Heaps Arnold and Heaps Ltd 6 Products

  • Sealants and Tools Direct Ltd 50 Products

  • Hydravalve Ltd 12 Products

  • Georg Fischer Sales Ltd 486 Products

  • ESTS Logiclave 1 Product

  • Pipestock Ltd 2 Products

  • Heat and Plumb 28,821 Products

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  • B & Q 47 Products

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  • Pipemore (Scotland) Ltd 1 Product

  • Kirby and Wells Ltd T/A Kawstore 5 Products

  • ASAP Plastics 568 Products

  • Seaward Industrial Supplies 4 Products

  • Plumbing and Heating-Solutions 1,000 Products

  • Air Engineering Controls Ltd 20 Products

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  • Northern Insulation and Pipeline Stockists Ltd 292 Products

  • Swagelok Scotland 581 Products

  • Taplanes Ltd 100 Products

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