Chimney Fittings

Chimney fittings are any fixtures to help the chimney function correctly or they might safeguard the chimney from fire. They can be placed within the chimney itself or externally on the roof. Some fittings are multi-purpose. Chimney pots come in a range of materials, shapes and heights. They should be chosen so they do not restrict the flow of gases outside. Chimney liners are usually clay tile, cast-in-place or metal. These flue liners come in two varieties: rigid or flexible. They prevent deposits within the chimney flue, block draughts and also insulate. Chimney fans create an artificial draw and an inline fan is installed internally. Chimney dampers prevent draughts when the fire is not working. They can be either throat dampers (a metal flap above the fireplace) or top-sealing (set in the top of the chimney). Chimney caps, hoods, shrouds or cowls can protect the chimney from rain, downdraught and nesting birds. They may be part of the chimney design or inserts. Chimneys are more commonly found in homes. The needs and fittings of an industrial chimney in factories are slightly different and would more likely be monitored by a specialist technician.

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