Roof Vents

Roof vents are fixtures located on the top of a building. They are used to remove hot air or moisture from the attic and are a part of the ventilation system. They can be motorised, work on electricity or be wind- or solar-powered. The choice of which to install depends on the design of the roof and the home's airflow. There are a variety of roof vents. Box vents are static vents, which means they have no moving parts. They are installed over an opening in the roof and to be effective should be located next to the roof ridge. Off Ridge vents are similar but are rectangular in shape. Ridge vents are also static and run the entire length of the horizontal ridge and are used in conjunction with soffits to ensure an even distribution of temperature. Wind turbines rely on the wind to turn them in different directions. Powered by electricity, Power vents have motors to turn the fans. Soffit vents are placed in the eaves and used with a continuous ridge vent. Roof vents are installed in many buildings to aid the ventilation system so there are no problems with airflow. In this way structural damage such as damp are avoided.

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