Roofing Accessories

Roofing accessories are any fixtures or structures that are an integral part of the roof itself or are incorporated later into the roof. Roofing accessories are generally functional in nature and ensure that the roof protects the building and its inhabitants from the elements. For the roof to be waterproof it has underlayment, which is a secondary water-resistant barrier laid under the external roofing material. In order to install some roofing materials, fasteners such as nails or staples are necessary. All roofing must have some kind of drainage system to ensure that rain does not seep through the roof causing structural damage. These systems are a form of guttering and water pipes to take the rain away from the walls. Water diverters are installed around chimneys and other roof projections whilst a drip edge extends over the eaves. These roof projections may be chimneys or roof vents, which are part of the building's ventilation system. Some roofs might also have a window roof especially in converted attics. Roofing accessories are installed in all buildings, whether they are residential, commercial or industrial. The type of accessories depends on the building's heating and ventilation system as well as its architectural design and roofing materials.

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