Sheet Roofing

There are various types of roofing materials and the choice of which to use would depend on the traditional roofing styles , their durability, their cost, materials available and whether the underlying structure would be able to support the weight of the materials. In some areas tiled roofing is being replaced by sheet roofing. Membrane roofing is the use of large sheets of material which is fused together to cover the entire roof. Thermoset membrane (EPDM rubber) is one such roofing material. Thermoplastics (such as PVC) are becoming increasingly popular as they suit both large and smaller roofs. They need to be welded with heat and can be attached to the ridged insulation with a bonding adhesive. Alternatively, the edge of the roll is fastened into the structural deck and the next roll laps over with the use of fasteners. Corrugated sheets are also available in materials like fibre cement or metal. Sheet roofing is becoming popular since it is much simpler to install than tiling. Rolls can be cut to suit the dimensions of the roof so sheeting means fewer places vulnerable to water seepage. However, it is still more likely to be done by a professional roofer rather than the homeowner.