Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is crucial, especially in the workplace when there can be industrial accidents. The term encompasses not only the equipment that should be used but also the working conditions and the protective clothing which should be worn. The type of safety equipment would depend on the profession. In the construction industry, a system of fall equipment should be available. This includes harnesses, ropes and height guards. Adequate lighting can also prevent serious accidents from occurring. In places where there is a risk of fire, there should be firefighting equipment such as fire blankets or extinguishers. Fixtures like dust extraction systems or systems to monitor noise levels could also be installed. Other control instrumentation can detect the presence of contaminants in the air. Any tools or heavy machinery should be certified safe to use and if necessary have non-slip handles. For personal protection, certain clothing or other forms of protection should be worn such as hard hats, goggles or earplugs. The use of safety equipment should be a priority to prevent accidents and possibly save lives. This especially concerns those who work in construction or factories although even those interested in home improvements should invest in some safety equipment.

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  1. Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Sensors
    - 3 Suppliers 26 Products

  2. First Aid
    - 4 Suppliers 31 Products

    First Aid is of importance both in the workplace and at home. The provision of first aid depends on the size of the company and the relative safety of the workplace. Both companies and homes should have a first aid kit though larger businesses might provide a room for first aid.

  3. Personal Protection Equipment
    - 10 Suppliers 179 Products

    Whether for the professional or for the amateur handyman, safety equipment is essential to protect them from injury or even death. There is a wide range of safety equipment and which to wear depends on someone's job and which parts of their body are vulnerable.

  4. Safety Clothing
    - 3 Suppliers 15 Products

    Safety clothing is worn in high-risk work environments such as factories or construction since it can minimise workers' injuries in case of an accident. The clothing worn depends on the profession and which body parts are vulnerable. It ranges from hard hats to gloves.

  5. Safety Gloves
    - 1 Supplier 32 Products

    Safety gloves are typically used at home or in the workplace when dealing with a hazard. Whether is a danger from chemicals, oils, burns, or cuts safety gloves can offer protection for the hands and wrists. They are widely used in both industrial and commercial applications and also used domestically.

  6. Safety Signage
    - 17 Suppliers 111,501 Products

    With a universally-understood system of colours, shapes and pictograms, safety signage is a way to transmit messages warning people of potential dangers and to tell them what to do in an emergency. They can be seen in the workplace as well as any public building.

  7. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.