First Aid

First Aid is essential in the workplace since a quick response to an accident means that there are fewer fatalities. Health and safety regulations specify that every workplace should provide first aid in case of an accident. In larger companies there should be an appointed person who preferably has some training in applying first aid until the emergency services arrive. The provision of first aid depends on the size of the company and the type of accidents which could occur. In smaller companies a first aid box or kit would be sufficient. This should contain sterile plasters, gauzes, wound dressings, safety pins, eye pads and a solution of saline. For larger companies a room should be provided which should contain medical supplies, a couch, phone, sink as well as an accident book to record the details of any accidents. Both the first aid kit and the room should be clearly marked with a sign: a white box on a green background. First Aid is of particular importance in riskier jobs such as workers employed in the construction industry or in factories. As the home is often the site of many accidents, many homes also keep a first aid kit.

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