Personal Protection Equipment

Safety equipment (otherwise known as PPE or Personal Protection Equipment) is worn to protect the worker from any work-related injury or infection. It is usually categorised by which part of the body it safeguards and depends on the worker's profession. Hard hats are worn in the construction industry to protect the head. The hat contains suspension bands to diffuse the force of the impact of an object or fall. Also on the head, goggles protect the eyes and for welding, special googles are available to block out the light. In some professions, face shields can provide added protection. When working in factories or when operating loud machinery, earplugs should be worn. In terms of clothing, gloves can be bought to protect the hands from heat, chemicals or cuts. Some jobs require the employees to wear something like a lab coat whilst special boots with reinforced toecaps can protect the feet. In certain professions, respirators are compulsory. They can contain filters or be attached to an alternative air supply. Health and safety regulations mean that safety equipment is compulsory in the work place. However, for anyone interested in home improvement, safety equipment should also be worn to safeguard against any injury.

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