Safety Clothing

Safety clothing is worn to protect and minimise the injuries suffered by a worker in case of an accident. The type of safety clothing worn would depend on their profession and obviously some professions are more dangerous than others and different body parts are more susceptible to injury. Hard hats are worn in the construction industry to prevent serious head injuries. Suspension bands within the hat diffuse the force of impact from a fall or blow. Skin can be protected by overalls, lab coats or gloves. The gloves worn would depend on the profession. Laboratory workers wear rubber or latex gloves whilst there are other types which are heat-resistant. Eye protection is provided by face shields or goggles. Welders wear a special shield with a heat-resistant visor which reacts automatically to the flame. In loud environments, earplugs or earmuffs should be worn. Feet can be protected by steel-toed shoes or boots which protect the wearer from objects falling with force. Safety clothing should be worn by workers in the construction industry or factories since it can protect them from serious injury. Some of the clothing should also be worn by those interested in home improvements especially when engaged in riskier repairs such as roofing.

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