Safety Signage

Safety signage is part of the safety regulations which warn workers of potential dangers and inform them of what to do in an emergency situation. Signage has been defined as a signboard, colour, acoustic signal, verbal command or hand signal. A signboard might consist of signage with supplementary text. Signage is often communicated without the use of text to avoid confusion. Signs in different colours and shapes are used to transmit the message. A red sign represents some kind of prohibition while a yellow sign urges caution. Green signs say that a positive action is recommended which is why fire exits are green. A blue sign communicates the idea that an action is mandatory. In terms of shape, circular signs transmit the idea that something is forbidden whilst triangular signs give warnings. Square or rectangular signs are for emergency or informative messages. Care should be taken that all signs are easily visible and are placed in the correct position and at the right height. Safety signage can be seen everywhere and is of vital importance. Such signs can be seen in the workplace, in any public building as well as educational facilities. The combination of colour, shape and pictogram ensures everyone can understand the message.

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