Security Devices and Components

Security systems are made up of a number of devices and components which deter intruders and so prevent burglaries or vandalism. They range in size from small self-contained alarms to complicated multi-area systems with integrated interlocking electronic devices. They can be installed both inside and outside the building. Security devices can be any monitoring installations which detect the presence of intruders. Such devices include door and window sensors, which are a two-part installation placed on easily accessible entry points. Motion detectors can also be used. These components communicate with a control panel and give the command to sound the alarm, which alerts others to the burglary and can frighten off potential thieves. Other security devices are surveillance cameras. They can be wired or wireless and can provide footage of intruders. Other components of a security system are a secure perimeter with fencing or walls, adequate external lighting at night as well as signs warning trespassers of the existence of security measures. Considering the crime rates and the risks of burglaries, security devices are becoming increasingly common. They are found in many homes as well as in all commercial and industrial properties. For the best results, a number of devices and components are used in combination.

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  1. Alarms
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    There are different kinds of alarms: fire, car, industrial and burglary being the most common. They are used to monitor their surroundings and emit an early warning audio and/or visual signal. The installation of alarms is widespread in buildings of all kinds as well as vehicles.

  2. Locks
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    Both mechanical and electronic locks are used as part of a security system to deter thieves. There are a wide variety of locks and the choice of which to fit would depend on what it is to be attached to and whether it is for interior or exterior use.

  3. Perimeter Control
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    Perimeter control refers to any security measures taken to safeguard property from the entry of unauthorised personnel, whether they are inside or inside. There are various devices which can be installed as well as the implementation of security procedures. Such measures can deter both thieves and vandals.

  4. Secure storage
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    Secure storage means that companies keep their products under the correct conditions, the temperature carefully regulated and excluding dust and insects. Security measures such as an alarm system can protect products from thieves. Both ensure that no money is lost due to spoilage or theft.

  5. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.