Alarms are a way to alert people to a potential danger and can save lives. They can be audio emitting a high-pitched ringing or siren or can be visual with flashing lights. Alternatively, they can be a combination of both. There are a number of different kinds of alarm. One of the most common types of alarm are fire alarms. They contain sensors which can detect the presence of flames, smoke and /or carbon monoxide and are an early warning system so the fire can be contained until the arrival of the emergency services. In some industrial facilities there are similar detection devices which can check the air quality and warn of dangerous contaminants. Most people install car alarms as a way to deter car theft. For buildings, many property owners install a security or burglary alarm. Using a system of window sensors, door sensors and motion detectors, a central panel is alerted of the presence of intruders and it activates the alarm. Alarms can be found in vehicles as well as homes, shops , factories and public buildings. In some cases their installation is obligatory but some people choose to install them for their peace of mind to safeguard against possible risks.

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