Locks can be defined as a mechanical or electronic fastening device which is released by an object such as a key or keycard. Locks are necessary to secure private property and as a deterrent to prevent burglaries or theft. Locks are extremely versatile and can be installed on items of furniture as well as vehicles, rooms and buildings to prevent unauthorised access. One of the most common forms of a lock is the padlock. Unlike some other locks, it is detachable. Padlocks can be combination or keyed and a shrouded shackle can make it difficult to open. Deadbolts are used on exterior doors and can be single, double and lockable. Knob locks are not recommended for exterior doors as their lock cylinder can easily be detached. Other types of mechanical locks include lever handle, cam and mortise. Increasingly, use is made of electronic locks using a key card, smart lock or sidebar lock as they are considered more secure. Locks can be found everywhere and the choice of which lock to choose would depend what it is to be attached to and where. Locks are an adequate security device to deter thieves but they are often used in combination with a more complex security system.

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