Perimeter Control

Perimeter control means preventing the entry of unauthorised personnel to a facility or building. Some measures to ensure successful perimeter control are for the surrounding grounds of the building whilst others concentrate on the building itself. Most secured facilities are surrounded by a physical barrier such as a wall or fence. To make it more difficult to scale, toppings such as barbed wire are added. For added security, adequate lighting and human or electronic surveillance could act as deterrents to trespassers. A good quality alarm system could be installed both inside and outside the building. A system of motion detectors, window sensors and door sensors communicate electronically with a control panel, which is responsible for activating an audio and/or visual alarm. The structure of the building should include windows resistant to forced entry as well as strong locks. For entry to the building, a number of security procedures could be set up such access control using a magnetic swipe identification card. Although some of these measures could be adapted for use in the home, perimeter control really concerns industrial, construction, retail or commercial facilities. These areas wish to deter both burglaries and damage to property caused by intruders.

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