Shop fittings are types of equipment and fixtures commonly found in retail environments including shops and stores. They are specially designed and planned with the size and nature of the space in mind, usually by someone knowledgeable in the field of shop fitting. Shop fitting is an expertise in interior design, manufacturing of furniture, fittings and signage. Common shop fittings include slatwall, chrome shelving, shop counters, card racks, reception desks, changing rooms, waiting rooms and till points. Shop fittings are seen in various retail spaces include department stores, convenience stores, corner shops, hypermarkets and supermarkets. They are also commonly seen in schools, doctor surgeries, vet practices and pharmacies.

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  1. Baskets and Trolleys
    - 1 Supplier 21 Products

    Baskets and trolleys are widely used in retail environments by customers to hold the products and products that they intend to buy. They are widely used in retail environments including clothing stores, supermarkets, corner shops, hypermarkets, department stores, and convenience stores.

  2. Carousels
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Carousels are a type of shop fitting equipment common used in retail environments. They offer the benefit of rotation, so that the customer can access product from 360-degree position and more product can be stocked. Products commonly housed on carousels include cards, ties, scarfs, jewellery, medication, personal grooming products, accessories, novelty products, stationary, sunglasses and cosmetics.

  3. Changing Room Kits
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Changing room kits offer retailers and event locations the benefit of offering a changing room space without expensive shop fittings. Changing room kits are supplied flat packed and are easy to install and consist of all the equipment needed to create a changing room space including a curtain and rail.

  4. Clothing Rails
    - 3 Suppliers 56 Products

    Clothing rails are rails used to hold clothing either in the home, a retail environment, or during transportation. They work to provide an efficient storage space and keep clothing in optimum condition, whilst making them attractive to potential customers for purchasing.

  5. Counters
    - 2 Suppliers 28 Products

    Counters are widely used in kitchens and food preparation areas, workrooms, bathrooms and retail spaces to provide storage, areas of preparation or display. Common types of counters include counter tops, countertops, worktops, benchtops and kitchen benches.

  6. Display Labels
    - 0 Suppliers 1 Product

    Labels are a commonly used tool which provide a way to mark items or products to provide additional information about the brand or product. They are commonly used to provide price detail, as well as the barcode which can be scanned at the point of sale. Common types of labels include tie on, swing tags, price tags, sale labels, self-adhesive labels, sale stickers, clearance labels, price stickers, tags and tickets.

  7. Exhibition Equipment
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Exhibition equipment is equipment that can be bought or hired for the purpose of an exhibition. The equipment is designed to lightweight and portable, whilst maximising visibility and offering storage solutions for trade fairs. It is used for display and promotional purposes during exhibitions.

  8. Fruit, Veg and Flower Display Units
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Fruit, veg and flower display units are modular shelves which are carefully crafted to store multiple products in an easy to access way whilst taking up minimal space and stopping products perishing. Common fruit, veg and flower display units includes grass matts, wooden crates, flower stands, barrows, bunkers and loaders, and boxes.

  9. Hangers and Hanger Storage
    - 3 Suppliers 170 Products

    A hanger is a device used to hang clothes on a rail or a hook domestically or in a retail environment. They are commonly known as a clothes hanger, coathanger or coat hanger. Common hanger storage includes hooks, bags and shelf solutions.

  10. Jewellery Displays
    - 1 Supplier 85 Products

    Jewellery displays are storage and displays solutions for jewellery, commonly found in retail environments which sell jewellery. They are specially designed to protect the jewellery whilst displaying it in a way that is attractive to the customer. Jewellery displays also include equipment like busts, ring displays, trays, charm trays, platforms, window displays, and earring trays.

  11. Labelling Guns
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Labels are used to display additional product information and can be secured on in many ways including tying and sticking. The most common type of retail label is one that is secured to soft product with a labelling gun, which offer a way of fixing tags and attachments to merchandise in a secure way (and which doesn’t damage the garment).

  12. Mannequins, Busts and Body Forms
    - 0 Suppliers 204 Products

    Mannequins, busts and body forms are forms, shaped into the human body and the features of the human body. They are usually made from fibreglass and plastic and serve to display clothing and jewellery in retail environments and online estores.

  13. Newspaper and Magazine Stands
    - 1 Supplier 5 Products

    Newspaper and magazine stands are commonly found in establishments that sell or offer their customers publications. This includes in newsagents, supermarkets, garages, hotels, airports, restaurants, cars and cafes. They are commonly used to house weekly daily, weekly and monthly publications, journals, flyers, books, and periodicals.

  14. Outside Storage and Displays
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Outside storage and displays are used by clothing retailers, corner shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants, cafes, museums and many other retailers to create an outdoor retail space for shopping, relaxing or dinning whilst enticing customers instore through signage and promotion.

  15. Pegboard Fittings
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Pegboards are a type of retail display that is usually located on a back wall and can have a wide range of fittings attached to for the purpose of displaying product to customers. They are commonly used to store small products with are otherwise difficult to display including include jewellery, phone accessories, accessories and food.

  16. Pick n Mix Displays
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Pick N Mix displays are used within retail environments to display sweets which are self-serving, meaning the customers serve themselves with scoops which they use to lift sweets into a bag. The price that is paid by the customer is usually determined by the weight of the goods. While pick n mix are most associated with sweets, they are also becoming more common for nuts, dried fruit and even pet food.

  17. Point of Sale Equipment
    - 2 Suppliers 102 Products

    Point of sale (often known as POS) equipment is everything located at pay point in a retail environment. It also includes all types of sales and marketing equipment which are used to display items right by the cash point are till. The purpose of this equipment is to store and display products in an attractive way that would provoke customers into an impulse purchase as they pay or queue.

  18. Retail Display Cabinets, Stands and Tables
    - 2 Suppliers 50 Products

    Retail display cabinets, stands and tables are types of merchandising equipment used within retail environments to display and store products in way that maximises space but also makes them enticing for customers to purchase. Common types include retail display cabinets, stands and tables include permanent built-in displays, countertop displays, custom fixtures, point of sale stands, showcases, and floor fixtures.

  19. Safes
    - 1 Supplier 394 Products

    Safes are commonly used to store valuable possessions and money in a secure way which makes it less susceptible to theft of damage. They are commonly used in banks, retail environments, hotels, homes, galleries, and museums. Common types of safes include class 125, class 150, class 350, class TL-15, class TL-30, class TL-40, class TRTL-30, TRTL-60 and TXTL-60.

  20. Scales
    - 1 Supplier 3 Products

    Scales are widely used in retail environments to calculate cost, they are commonly found in sweet shops, backers, butchers, fruit and veg shops, green grocers, supermarkets, corner shops and fish mongers. Common types of scales are spring scales, Hydraulic scales, pneumatic scales, digital scales, bathroom scales, strain gauge scales, and retail scales.

  21. Security Tags
    - 2 Suppliers 14 Products

    Security tags are used in widely used in retail environments as an anti-theft tool. They are widely used in clothing stores, jewellery stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets and many other retail environments. Common types of security tags include electronic article surveillance (EAS), acousto-magnetic system, ink filled security tags, and alarmed security tags.

  22. Shoe Storage and Display Equipment
    - 0 Suppliers 8 Products

    Shoe storage and display equipment is widely used in retail environments to store shoes in a way that is efficient in terms of storage, maximises shop space, is easy for customers to access, staff to keep tidy and also serves to provoke positive purchasing decisions by displaying product in an attractive way. It includes equipment such as shoes racks, shoe shelves, shoe display racks, steps, kick stools, mannequins, foot mannequins and mirrors.

  23. Shopfronts
    - 1 Supplier 3 Products

    Shopfronts (also commonly known as storefronts) are the front, or façade, or a retail environment located at the entrance or a commercial building. A shopfront generally includes many elements which provide identification for the customer but also serve to lure the customer in store, including signage, lighting, window displays and other attractive visual elements.

  24. Slatwalls and Gridwalls
    - 1 Supplier 51 Products

    Slatwalls and gridwalls are used in retail environments to visually display and merchandise product in an attractive way. They are a type of display fixture which is commonly used in retail environments and is available in grids which can be joined to fit any retail space and backwall.

  25. Specialist Lighting
    - 1 Supplier 3 Products

    In retail there are generally four types of specialist lighting including in the store entrance, checkout area, dressing room, and customer service desk. Common types of lighting includes accent lighting, decorative lighting with specialist equipment including spotlights, changing room lights, ED Bulbs, Fluorescent tubes, mirror lights, uplights, and desk lights.

  26. Tills
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Tills are commonly found in a wide range of retail environments which enables the customer to pay products. A wide range of tills is available subject to the specification of the retail environments but common types of tills include manual tills, and EPOS tills – while common types of till (point of sale equipment) includes scanners, scales, receipt printers, and security deactivation.

  27. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 463 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.