Site Management

Site management means overseeing the building project in construction contracts and can be the responsibility of the construction company, the contractor, the local authorities or the civil engineering firm. There are a number of aspects to site management as it has technical, business and managerial elements. Site management starts from the initial preparation of the site, enclosing the site in barriers and installing temporary offices. It entails the construction costs estimates and budgeting for all aspects of the project. Then, all phases of the construction work must be coordinated and scheduled. Such work means there should be close communication between contractors, workers, architects, engineers and subcontractors like plumbers or electricians. If there are any delays or problems, these should be dealt with immediately. Site managers are also responsible for quality control of materials being delivered and inspection of completed work. Health and safety checks as well as labour relations are also a part of site management to ensure the smooth running of the site. In construction, well-run site management means that a project can be completed safely and within the estimated timescale and budget. On smaller building projects such as a home, this work can be coordinated by the architect and/or the contractor.

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  1. Barriers
    - 21 Suppliers 616 Products

    In construction, barriers are an important safety measure to warn pedestrians or drivers of potential dangers. They also act as a deterrent to thieves. Barriers can be made of a variety of materials and can be temporary or permanent depending on the building project.

  2. Perimeter Fencing
    - 10 Suppliers 153 Products

    Made of metal or timber, fencing is an important barrier to prevent accidents and block access to unauthorised personnel such as thieves or vandals. Fencing is seen on most building sites and is also commonly erected by property owners for reasons of security or privacy.

  3. Shelters
    - 3 Suppliers 32 Products

    Shelters provide a temporary housing solution for a wide range of industries including the law enforcement, medical, engineering, telecommunications and transportation. They offer the benefits of being flame resistance, waterproof while offering privacy and a protection from hazards.

  4. Traffic Management
    - 10 Suppliers 149 Products

    Traffic management is a matter of concern for all construction workers and site managers. Well-organised construction sites have separate routes for vehicles and pedestrians which are well-lit and without obstacles. A one-way system means there is no need for reversing. Such measures can reduce the number of accidents on site.

  5. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.