In construction, barriers are erected to protect pedestrians, cars and the construction crew from the potential dangers of the construction site, whether this is heavy plant machinery, dust or falling debris. Barriers play another role in that they safeguard the site from unauthorised personnel who might want to gain access to steal or vandalise machinery and/or materials. Barriers can be temporary or (semi)permanent structures. Precast concrete barriers are often set up especially on road construction as it protects the workers from cars. Pedestrian barriers, which are metal stands on 'feet', can be used to create a temporary walkway for workers. Other kinds of barriers can be made of plastic or chain-link fencing. Some barriers can have barbed wire placed on top as an added deterrent or have reflective materials so they are visible at night especially at roadworks. Some barriers are not removed after the construction work is finished but are kept as a divider or for reasons of privacy or as a sound barrier. Barriers can be seen on all building sites or at roadworks and are an important measure to ensure the prevention of accidents. After the construction work has been completed, barriers are retained around many properties to delineate the perimeter fence against possible intruders.

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