Perimeter Fencing

In construction, fencing is set up to protect pedestrians and cars from the dangers posed by the building site, such as heavy plant machinery or falling debris. As a security measure, it also deters thieves or vandals from trespassing. The choice of which fencing to use depends on the level of security required and the stage of the construction work. There are various types of fencing. Chain-link fences are often seen. Rolls of chain-link are attached to posts or set in concrete. This fence is also available as chain-link panels, which are much easier to install and can be moved. Wire mesh is much stronger than chain-link and being light, is much easier to dismantle. Some site managers prefer to erect timber or steel hoarding since this fencing is solid so it hides the building site from view. In this way, it discourages the opportunistic thief. All fencing can be fitted with mesh, barbed wire or other anti-climb devices to increase the height of the fence and make it more difficult to scale. Fencing is seen on most construction sites as a safety and security precaution. Some property owners also choose to erect fencing as a barrier to intruders and to delineate their perimeter.

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