Cutting Tools and Accessories

A number of cutting tools are essential during the construction process. The choice of which to use would depend on which material is being cut as well as the size or bulk of the material to be cut. Cutting tools can vary in size from fixed pieces of equipment to pocket-sized tools. A lathe is a versatile piece of fixed machinery which is used for cutting. It comes supplied with a variety of attachments which can be fitted according to the demands of the job. Hacksaws and bandsaws are sturdy cutting implements, which can even sever metal. The even spacing of their metal teeth ensure uniform cutting. An abrasive (or cut-off) saw is also ideal for hard materials. Powered by electric motor, petrol or compressed air, an angle grinder is a hand-held power tool. The accessories attached to drills (the bits) can transform it into a cutting as well as a boring tool. For smaller cutting jobs, handsaws, utility knives or blade cutters can be used. Many construction workers require the use of cutting tools. They are used by carpenters, plumbers, joiners and fitters. They would not necessarily use the same tools since they need to cut different materials. Some would also be owned by homeowners.

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