Drilling Tools and Accessories

Drilling tools are commonly used in the construction industry. They can be powered manually or by using electricity or pneumatically (with compressed air). Drills can be classified as both a boring tool to open holes but also a cutting tool when a different attachment is used. They are used in all sectors of the construction industry. There are a number of varieties of drills which also offer varying strengths. A hammer drill is one of the most powerful which uses a hammer or percussion action to be able to bore through masonry, such as placing lag bolts in foundations. A rotary drill is used for hammering without a rotation action and is able to penetrate both concrete and masonry. Less powerful drills are the pistol-grip corded drill and the cordless drill which are motor-operated. A right-angle drill is used in cramped conditions. Drills come with a number of accessories or attachments, such as screw-driving tips, nibblers for cutting metal or rotary sanding or polishing discs. Because of the variety of drill accessories, drills are one of the most versatile of tools used in construction and are owned by many different professions. They are also likely to be owned by those interested in home improvements.

  • JT Handtools Ltd 3 Products

  • TFC Ltd 8 Products

  • Armada Engineering Ltd 1 Product

  • CES Hire Ltd 2 Products

  • Sealants and Tools Direct Ltd 237 Products

  • Associated Compressor Engineers 6 Products

  • SIE Industrial Ltd 2 Products

  • Carbis Filtration Ltd 1 Product

  • Essentra Components Ltd 484 Products

  • B & Q 482 Products

  • Redline Hydraulics Ltd 13 Products

  • Abtec Industries Ltd 15 Products

  • Klauke UK Ltd 22 Products

  • BACA Workwear & Safety 1 Product

  • Suffolk Fastener (Ipswich) Ltd 25 Products

  • Kirby and Wells Ltd T/A Kawstore 321 Products

  • S3i Ltd - Stainless Steel Solutions 8 Products

  • Tennco Distribution Ltd 5 Products

  • Agriparts Borders Ltd 2 Products

  • Rapid Welding and Industrial Supplies Ltd 148 Products

  • Butts of Bawtry (JHM Butt) 37 Products

  • Air Power Products (UK) Ltd 2 Products

  • Foster Industrial 33 Products

  • Caleb Components Ltd 552 Products

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