Measuring Tools

During construction, a number of variables may have to be measured: length, depth, angle, level, diameter and circumference. All of these would have different measuring tools. They might be used by different professions to provide accurate measurements so as to avoid mistakes. Increasingly for levelling and excavation work in the initial stages, measurements are done by using lasers. Rotary laser levels are suitable for outdoor work while interior measuring can be done by line level or plumb lasers. The largest of all is a laser detector which can be mounted on heavy machinery. To calculate smaller distances, retractable or ordinary tape measures or folding rulers are still used. A spirit or bubble level is used during the installation of doors, windows or other fittings to make sure the surface is even. Fractional calipers can measure inside dimensions while a T-square or set square ensures something is a right angle. A protractor can measure angles while dividers transfer measurements from one place to another. Another less common measuring tools is a thread pitch gauge. Accurate measurements are essential in the construction industry where mistakes waste time and cost money. Some of these measuring tools might also be found in a home owner's toolbox.

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