Cable Management

Cable management entails the installation of equipment to secure cables for electrical services in buildings to ensure that they can be used without difficulties. Well-organised cable management means that cables are easy to maintain after installation and that if necessary, data cables can be easily added, removed or moved at a later date. One way to avoid confusion is to label cables, sometimes with a colour coding system. Related cables can be tied together with cable ties while cable trays may be installed as a way to both organise and protect cables. Cable clips could be used to attach cables around doorways or to the bottom of walls. To ensure that the cables function correctly, requirements regarding the safe bend radius (especially with copper or fibre optic cables) should be met. Power and data cables should meet at right angles to minimise electromagnetic interference. Cable management is an essential aspect of any business requiring the installation of different cable networks. It is especially important in companies concerned with Information Technology, telecommunications and power distribution, which often need to run large numbers of electronic devices. Some householders also recognise the need for cable management especially for home entertainment appliances.

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  1. Cable Channelling
    - 1 Supplier 11 Products

    Cable channelling is especially seen in factories and offices and it is a way to organise power and data cables so that they do not represent a hazard for people and are not damaged. They are placed in channels which act as a protective covering but means they are still easily accessible if there is a malfunction.

  2. Cable Clips
    - 7 Suppliers 54 Products

    Cable clips are useful ways to fasten cables to other surfaces such as walls or the doorways to avoid tangled cables, which could be damaged or represent a hazard. Although they are increasingly seen in homes, they are most useful in companies which need to operate many pieces of machinery or devices.

  3. Cable Conduit
    - 6 Suppliers 347 Products

    Conduits are an important way to protect cables which could be damaged in the workplace or for cables which have to be laid outside and face extremes of temperature. They are categorised as Metallic or Non-Metallic and can be rigid or flexible.

  4. Cable Connectors
    - 9 Suppliers 2,165 Products

    Cable connectors are found in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are able to connect devices to each other and also enable people to add accessories. They are found everywhere and no network would be able to function without them.

  5. Cable Glands
    - 6 Suppliers 2,103 Products

    Cable glands are found at the end of cables and act as both a sealing and termination device. There are a variety of glands and they must be chosen according to certain criteria. They are an indispensable component of many cable wiring systems.

  6. Cable Routing
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    Cable routing means the physical supply of power and data cables to a large number of outlets, especially seen in large commercial buildings such as office blocks. Electronic routing means the connection of different or similar devices to transmit or transfer information and is seen in all buildings, even homes.

  7. Cable Ties
    - 22 Suppliers 198 Products

    Cable ties are a quick and cheap way to join cables or wires together in the home or office but have more specialised uses in industry where parallel routing of many lines can be done on one plate. Care should be taken when tightening them and when using them for outdoor applications.

  8. Cable Trunking
    - 4 Suppliers 134 Products

    Cable trunking is a way to conceal cables or to make them as unobtrusive as possible. Trunking also ensures that cables are able to reach every part of the workplace especially in offices which need a number of cables for communications and computer hardware for every individual employee.

  9. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.