Cable Connectors

Cable connectors are the part of the cable which plugs into the port or interface in order to connect one device to another. Plugs are considered to be male and have one or more exposed pins while the jack contains holes in which to insert the male and are known as female. There are also hermaphroditic connectors which can interface with both. Connectors are also 'keyed' which prevents them from being attached to the wrong place. There are a wide variety of connectors which vary in size and shape. USB cable connectors are one of the most common. They are used to connect devices to a computer or to add computer accessories, such as a mouse. The TSR connector is used for audio equipment and so is seen on headphones. S-Video connectors are round, have anything from four to nine pins and are found on DVD players. The DVI Monitor Port has twenty-nine pins and is manufactured as a computer connector. Other connectors include the VGA Cable and Toslink connectors. Connectors are found in the home and the workplace. Without them, no network would be able to operate. They connect both devices and their accessories.

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