Cable Trunking

Cable trunking is an integral part of cable management and involves the installation of fittings or making structural changes so that the cables can be unobtrusive as possible or totally concealed. In this way, they do not present a hazard to passers-by and the cables themselves are protected from being damaged whilst lying on the floor. One type of cable trunking is to attach any cables to the ceiling. They can be hidden in plastic tube-like ducts or they can be placed in cable trays or troughs. Often these fittings have a rectangular cross-section and one removable or hinged side to provide easy access for repair or maintenance purposes. Dado trunking is another type and involves concealing the cables in plastic or metal connecting ducting which is attached to the middle of the wall or along the skirting board. Sockets can also be set in the trunking. Floor boxes are also used, when cable access is achieved through a raised floor which has holes drilled in it for the cables. Plastic tube ducting is more likely to be used in factories. The other kinds of cable trunking concern places like offices which require many sockets for computer hardware and telephone lines.

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