Armoured Cable

Armoured Cable is a hard-wearing power cable used to bring electricity from the mains. It can be used in underground systems, power grids or for cable ducting. The cable consists of a conductor (plain stranded copper) and insulation like polyethylene, which is water-resistant. It also contains bedding as a protection barrier and the armour, which is a mechanical protection so it can withstand higher stresses. An external sheath of black PVC adds a further layer of insulation. For multicore systems, steel wire (known as SWA) is used. This cannot be used for single-core systems as the magnetic field created could lead to overheating. Therefore, aluminium (known as AWA) is used because of its non-magnetic properties. Among electricians, there is debate about using armour to provide earthing to equipment supplied by cable since there are concerns about both its conductivity and reliability. The use of Armoured Cable means that all buildings are supplied with electricity without problems and in safety. Its manufacture with both internal and external insulation means it can be used where there might be water such as outside. It can also be used in industrial facilities which need large amounts of power to operate large pieces of machinery.

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