Communications Cable

Communications Cable is used as a medium for the transmission of signals. It could be described as networking hardware used to connect one device to another. There are several different types of Communications Cable and which one to use depends on the physical layer, the topology and the size. One type of communications cable is called Twisted Pair, which contains wires twisted together to reduce electro-magnetic interference. Another kind is Fibre Optic cable which has a glass core protected by Teflon or PVC. They can be short-range multi-mode fibres or long-range single-mode fibres. Coaxial cable entails the transmission of energy between conductors. Patch cables are electrical or optical cables used to route or connect devices. Although not exactly communications cable, developing technologies mean power lines are also increasingly being used for communications purposes. Communications cable is present in every home and business. These cables are used to provide Internet access everywhere. They are essential for the transmission of radio signals, both from the station and to the receiver. The broadcast of television would be impossible without these cables. Finally, on a smaller scale these cables connect devices together. For example, a computer to a printer.

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