Extension Cords

Extension cords are a length of flexible cable to use when an electric appliance has to be plugged in but is far from a socket or when a number of appliances need to be plugged into the same socket. They can contain a number of safety features such as a polarised plug, grounded terminals, an on/off switch, a fuse in case of power surges and a residual-current device to automatically switch off the power if there is danger of an electric shock. Extension cords can be found in a variety of colours, lengths and thicknesses, which are suitable for different uses. As a general rule, the more power needed, the thicker the cord. Some cords are classified as to whether they are suitable for light, medium or heavy duty. Some extension cords can be placed on a reel which can be unwound to the required length. However, every foot of cord increases the electrical resistance, thereby decreases the power delivered whilst the cord left on the reel is not exposed to the air and causes power loss. Extension cords are extremely useful. A number of appliances can use the same socket or certain tasks can be done far away from the power supply so are used everywhere.

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