Single Core Cable

A single core cable can also be called solid wire. It is a cable with a single conductor which is covered in a PVC protective case to provide insulation. The single wire contained inside is made of a metal like copper or aluminium for its conductivity. Single core cable is much cheaper to produce than braided or stranded wire. There are a number of gauges (or thicknesses) of single core cable. It is very rarely used domestically although it does have a number of industrial applications. It can be used to run in conduits and is also widely utilised in breadboards. These are the solderless boards which can be joined with others to experiment with circuit design. Single core cable is preferred since it is highly flexible because it contains only one strand of wire. This cable is more likely to be used in locations where the environmental conditions could cause corrosion. It is much more durable or rugged than other wiring. Single core cable has a number of industrial applications so it has a more highly-specialised use than other forms of wiring. Circuit board designers are more likely to make use of it than an ordinary householder.

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